Feed your whole self and say hello to abundance!


I offer the following services in person and by phone or Skype:

Ayurvedic Consultation

Holistic Health Coaching for the Whole Family

Personal Yoga & Meditation Guidance

Educational Workshops

My specialties include:

  • Women's Reproductive Health & Fertility
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Health
  • Infant/Children's Health
  • Digestive Health (allergies, immunity)
  • Custom Herbal Blends & Teas
  • Healing Foods Diet & Nutrition
  • DIY Home Remedies
  • Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Introducing YOGA-MA, my new blog

I'm no longer sending out e-newsletters but you can follow my new blog at Yoga-Ma on Tumblr. It also automatically posts here to my blog page. 



Well-Rounded Maternity Center

Previous clients from Kanyakumari Ayurveda are welcome!

Personalized herbal formulas still available by request.

Go to the Ayurveda page for more info on consultation ...


Postnatal Yoga Class

Sunday August 27th


@ Well-Rounded Maternity Center


Yoga & Music Festival

Labor Day Weekend 2017

Stonehouse Farm, IL

See workshops page for more info 

Host me at your studio or wellness center for Yoga & Ayurveda workshops. 

  • Discover Your Dosha (Body-Type)
  • Ayurveda 101 for Yogis
  • Ayurvedic Diet, Nutrition & Detox
  • Natural Conception & Pregnancy
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Diet/Nutrition
  • Yoga for Pregnancy & Beyond
  • Postnatal Recovery/Wellness
  • NEW: Dancing For Birth!

~ Go to the workshops page to see current offerings

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Annapurna has a special place in my heart as the goddess of food, prosperity, and abundance. In Sanskrit, the original language of Ayurveda and Yoga, ‘Anna’ means food or grains and ‘Purna’ means full or complete. 

To me, Annapurna means to lovingly nourish myself and others, savor life's bounty, and  fully experience all the tastes whether it is sweet one day and sour the next. My approach uses mainly food as medicine (including herbs) but also yoga, meditation, healthy habits and routines. Really anything can be self-healing medicine with the right intention.

She urges me to broaden my understanding of nourishment beyond food and physical sustenance. I consume everything within and around me: my environment and the personalities in it, speech, actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, and aromas. I invite you to join me in the feast. Let's eat, feed each other, and truly be nourished. 

Best wishes of health and happiness. I hope you find this website to be helpful. Namaste. 

Annapurna Yoga & Ayurveda

Say Hi To Ganesha!

He brings good luck and removes obstacles.

Bless all who visit this site.

Om Gum Ganapataye 


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