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An artist, dancer and Chicago native, Heather discovered yoga over a decade ago; changing her life by guiding her to the path of teacher and life-long student of yoga. In 2006, she was introduced to Kripalu yoga being drawn to its message of compassion and consciousness. She completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2008 at the Kripalu Center (Stockbridge, MA) under the tutelage of senior teachers mentored by Swami Kripalu. She  has returned many times over the years as a faculty assistant and in pursuit of 500-level certification. In 2011, she was certified in prenatal yoga and began teaching regularly to expectant moms in Milwaukee.

Heather became fascinated by yoga's sister science, Ayurveda, and by 2010 was certified as an Ayurvedic Educator at Kanyakumari Ayurveda (Glendale, WI) and relocated to Milwaukee to further her studies. Since then she finished her training as a Certified Panchakarma Technician (2011) and completed her year-long internship to be certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner (2012). In 2013, she led a group of Ayurvedic students to South India where they learned about Panchakarma from Ayurvedic doctors, the ancient texts of Ayurveda, case studies, and hands-on experience at Vaidyagrama (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu). She was the assistant teacher to Kanyakumari's Ayurvedic Health Counselor professional training program until 2014 and continues to supervise AHC interns. 

Heather's gentle approach in yoga focuses on body and breath awareness and honors individual uniqueness. Emphasis is on intuitive sequences that stretch, strengthen, and open the body. Ayurveda informs her instruction by addressing seasonal observances and different body types. She loves to share subtle yogic arts including pranayama and meditation in all her classes. 

Her goal as a teacher and healer is to help others access inner wisdom.  In her Ayurvedic practice, she's committed to empowering women in conception, pregnancy and postpartum through self-care. She also offers guidance for reproductive healing and lactation support. Raising her first child, Dorian, born in April 2014, has sparked a particular interest in mom and baby holistic wellness and yoga. Her second child, Stefan, was born in July 2016. 


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