I'm really looking forward to 2013 and hope you are, too. I'm working on updating my website and added a bunch of new services, packages and affordable prices. Whether you just want to figure out what your Ayurvedic constitution is or you want a full Ayurvedic consultation package for detox or pregnancy... I hope I can help you in your health goals this year. 

Maybe you're not sure what an Ayurvedic Practitioner does? I'm like a personal holistic coach guiding you in discovering all things concerning health and well-being. I can help you transition to a healing whole foods diet that's tailored to your tastes and budget (my specialty and passion), create healthy routines like exercise and meditation (love this too), and strike balance in your lifestyle for a more relaxed and happy you (OK, I love it all). Sound good to you? I can speak from my own experience that if you're looking for true transformation and lasting change. This is it.

Is your New Year resolution about improving your diet? Maybe you'd like some help? You and I can work to remake your kitchen so the most healthful foods are always at your fingertips. We can configure a weekly food plan that demystifies the whole foods diet. We can remake your grocery list so you're buying foods including teas, herbs and spices that are most supportive to your new diet. We can cook together so you learn how to make some of the most healthful ways to prepare foods. Let's make a date! Contact me now if this is a no-brainer for you. Still thinking? Read on.

Ayurveda believes that food truly is our medicine. It maintains good health and heals illness and disease. What are what we eat. Meaning we maintain and build healthy new tissue like muscles, bones and nerves from the quality of the food we eat. Makes you look at that fast food hamburger in a different way, doesn't it? Do you really want a burger for brains? That's a little extreme, kind of. However, Ayurveda also believes in moderating: not eating too much of one thing or another. A diverse diet is a happy one. If you're going to eat that hamburger relish every bite. Just don't eat one every day. Then you really will have burger brains.

Going back to the basics of whole foods and eating what nature intended for us is key to the body remembering its inherent strength and well-being. Our relationship with nature starts with our food. Let it be a healthy one that respects nature: Mother Earth and our own. If that burger was homemade by your mother, with local grass-fed organic beef, organic veggies on a freshly baked whole grain bun it would be much closer to nature than that fast food replica. The closer to nature the better. That includes considering seasonal availability, organic and bio-dynamic farming, and if you eat animal protein seeking out the best sources that have honored the animals who have given their life for your sustenance. Food for thought. 

With natural food, the building blocks of holistic medicine, we heal from the inside out. I'm merely your spirited guide as you relearn traditional ways of eating, cooking and thinking about food. The process is very empowering. You may find you're less dependent on external things to invite healing, health and happiness. Instead, we rediscover what we've always known but forgotten: everything we need is within. You have an inner caretaker that can heal and it only asks that you recognize and honor that. This is the self-discovery path of Ayurveda in a nutshell. It starts with you believing that you can do it. 

I often hear that eating a healthy diet is expensive. I argue the opposite. My husband is a staunch budget-minded person and has always tracked his spending including groceries. When he was a bachelor he spent about $300 monthly or more on food and bought mainly prepackaged convenience foods. We've been married over 5 years and we eat a nearly all organic plant-based diet supplemented with dairy. What do we spend now? About the same, maybe a little less ... for the both of us. He's watched our grocery bills go down as I learned more about organic seasonal vegetables and bought grains, legumes and nuts from the bulk bins. It's the packaged processed stuff that I stay away from. The packaging and handling makes it more expensive and the product has little nutrition - whether or not its labeled organic. Not such a great deal in the end. 

The basics is the simple answer. However, it's not always very convenient. I put more time and energy into preparing and cooking food and its worth it. I've seen how it has bolstered our health. We haven't been seriously ill in a long, long time. I'll be honest, it can be a big undertaking but I can help by making it fun and interesting. Change is always less intimidating when you have a knowledgeable friend at your side. It also takes time so don't expect it to happen over night. Long-term projects are more lasting than quick fixes. It's a process, a journey. One of learning and (self) discovery. 

Ready? Willing? Contact me to get the conversation going and we'll put together a plan that works for you and your budget. If you're not sure you're ready yet come to one of my workshops for inspiration!

Happy 2013 and Good Luck!