Am I the only one slightly annoyed (being modest here) about the resolution time of year? A time of new beginnings. A time of new priorities and promises, yes. However, in my experience resolutions do not work. Yes, over the years I have been able to embark on healthier endeavors and slowly do away with bad habits. Well, most of them anyways. I am human, after all. But it wasn't with the help of any resolution. It usually starts like this ... this Year I'm gonna ... and I'll also .... the list runs on from there. Sound familiar?

I think that setting an intention is much more powerful than resolving to do this or resolving to do that. The difference? It's like sending out a little prayer each day you wake up, put your feet on the ground, or come to your yoga mat. Simplicity is the key. No moving mountains here. No matter what it is - it can be profound. I often remember a saying of Mother Theresa (yes, of course her):

We can do no great things.
Only small things with great love.

I invite you to think of this saying as you conjure up your intention for today, this week, etc. Think of small, yet important, powerful things. To love more freely, to laugh more, smile more, enjoy quite moments, etc. Little things make such a difference. It's these little things that give way to bigger things. Compassion for oneself and others, forgiveness, unconditional love. Asking for peace by being peaceful. These things don't just fall from the sky. They start in small ways.

A colleague recently retold an extraordinary act of kindess in a packed mall parking lot where she drove around and around looking for a space. She spotted a man who pointed to the car he would soon be pulling out. Miracle upon miracles (mind you this was during the holiday shopping season). She was so touched that she decided to pass it on when she returned to hers later on. I think I might give that a try. Won't you?

For your intention, perhaps you'd like to start with something really simple and then see where it goes. Inspiration: where can you make a difference in your own life that would also help others? In my eyes, anything we do with love feeds a greater good whether it is acknowledged or not. With so much good vibes floating about you're bound to lose those post-holiday pounds, land that dream job, find the dream house ... and you know the rest. Whatever your intention(s) is this year, try keeping it to yourself. Secrecy gives it more power - and you'll look more cool to your friends.

Happy New Year to everyone out there -- all beings big and small. Here's gratitude for another year of small prayers.

Namaste ~