So, spring is finally here (I think) and you might already be dreading the hot, hot heat wondering how to stay cool once summer really lands. I know we're focused on warming up right now but it's not hard to over do it, especially if you're of Pitta nature (like yours truly).

If you're like me, you can feel the heat building already. Personally, I love warmth but getting over heated can really throw me, deplete me, etc. My body is sending me clear signals. They come in the form of cravings. I want cool and sweet tastes. It's funny ... lately I've been craving cold cereal with almond milk. You know, that stuff that comes out of a box? I usually don't eat it but my husband does and I've been eating it like its going out of style. Breakfast, snacking, etc. The cool almond milk feels great (don't do this with cow's milk!) and the crunch and texture of the cereal flakes or granola even better. So, yes, heat is already on my mind. Hopefully this is just a phase.

I'm already adding aloe vera juice to my water and fruit juice to keep my temp level and break outs down. Coconut in my breakfast cereal (that's usually cooked) and raw fruit. That's right, raw fruit. I eat it cooked all fall and winter long and then at some point I feel the urge to switch and fall in love with juicy, sweet pears and apples all over again. Best sweets ever. I haven't graduated to salads yet but I'm definitely over soup-y kitchari. These days I want either a chunky dal loaded with greens or lighter grains with lots of greens. Greens, greens, greens! I can't get enough of them right now. 

Here's something simple, light and so satisfying that I made today ... (for 1 person)
1/4 c. basmati rice
1/4 c. quinoa (or millet or buckwheat)
1 1/4 - 1 1/2 c. water
1-2 thinly sliced fresh ginger, chopped fine
2-3 bok choy or mustard greens or kale leaves, chopped
Rock salt and black pepper to taste
Dash cumin, coriander, and/or turmeric
Fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley or dill), coarsely chopped
1/4 lime wedge
Olive oil or ghee

Optional ingredients: seaweed/gomaiso, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, veggies like thinly sliced carrot, parsnips or daikon, small bit of lentils thrown in with the grains or bits of fresh cheese to sprinkle on top for more protein (get more protein at lunch for fuel later on in the day; leave protein low or omit completely for evening meal).

Throw everything in a pot with the water and simmer until grains are tender (soak grains and lentils ahead for quick cooking). Add leafy greens towards the end. Adjust seasonings. Sprinkle with chopped herbs, drizzle with oil or melted ghee and squeeze lime over all.

Go sit outside if you can and enjoy every bite. Get some Vitamin D and then enjoy some shade.