Yes, there are still piles of snow on the streets where I live but, really spring isn't that far off. Ayurveda tells us that the thaw begins as early as mid-March if not sooner depending on where you live. That's practically now!

This is my favorite season. It's a time of new beginnings, rebirth, and most of all rejuvenation. A time to look ahead and dream of promising warmer months that usher in heightened activity and energy. How does one prepare and make the most of it? Well, Ayurveda has beautiful offerings for this special time and I'd like to tell you a bit about a few of them.

The first is that it's time to shed old things and remnants from a long, hard winter. That may include pent up energy and emotions or even body weight. You might consider it as spring cleaning for body, mind, and spirit. In India, many people still follow the traditional seasonal cleanse called Panchakarma to rid themselves of built-up doshas (bio-energies of Vata, Pitta and Kapha) from the previous season. Imagine starting with a clean slate that often! It's the ultimate in preventative care. You might consider a gentle cleanse (Ayurveda doesn't recommend fasting w/o the care of a practitioner) to help rid the body of excess after eating comfort foods for the last few months. I can help design something for you that would best fit your needs and lifestyle. It could be as simple as eating a light dinner for a week or two.

Secondly, it's time to get you moving! That means starting new projects, favorite seasonal hobbies, a new exercise routine, new classes, brisk walks outdoors, more social activity; whatever it takes. Choose something fun and inspiring and get going! Sign up for a stimulating yoga class or aerobics. Involve your friends and make it social.

Third, lighten up your diet. The simplest way to do this is to gradually eat smaller amounts and decrease oils, dairy, and nuts. Lunch should be your largest meal with a smaller breakfast and dinner. Since you might eat less, choose high-quality and high-nutrient foods. Forget about fillers like processed -- anything. Try cooked fruit for breakfast (apples, pears, dried fruit, etc.) on its own or added to hot cereal (buckwheat is great). Switch to lighter whole grains like millet, corn, quinoa and barley and as long as your digestion is strong have more legumes and beans (lentils, garbanzos, etc.). Of course, eat lots of veggies; steamed and sauteed is best as is making seasonal and organic choices. Sip on herbal teas in between meals and enjoy fresh or dried fruit for snacks. Avoid sugary, salty, heavy snacks and food in general. Use more spices in your food to add more pizazz.

These can all be really useful tips for you-- however, they are for general use. If you would like personalized help or you're caring for a special condition, contact me for a consultation. We can meet in person if you're in the Milwaukee area or we can talk on the phone. Feel free to email any questions you have.

Lastly, I'm doing a bunch of workshops in March and April all about stepping into spring. Visit the Workshops-Events page for detailed information.

I wish you the best in seizing the opportunities that spring brings for renewed health and well-being. Peace be with you!


Annapurna Ayurveda