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Choose from the following packages or create your own by request:

4 Postnatal or Candlelight Yoga Classes @ $15 each = $60 gift card

2 Private Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Sessions (1.5 hours) @ $40 each = $80 gift card

Semi-private Prenatal/PostnatalYoga Session (up to 4 friends) 

@ $25 per person  = $100 gift card

FOR YOU: a complimentary 30 minute wellness consultation by phone

The recipient will receive the gift certificate by email.

Pay by PayPal. 

Contact me for more details. 

Gift cards for Ayurvedic Consultation are available, too!

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

New Monthly Offering: 

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Candlelight Yoga @ Well-Rounded Maternity Center

Once monthly on Fridays at 7:30 - 9:00PM

January 26th

February 23rd

March 23rd

Enjoy this rejuvenating class offering a combination of energizing dynamic postures and stress relieving stretches ending with longer held restorative poses and relaxation for an over-all balancing effect on body and mind.  Open to all adults and all levels of experience including none; great for parents, grandparents, birth workers, caregivers, et al.; anyone who needs to unwind (who doesn't?). Bring a friend and make a night of it - and get a $5 discount. 

RSVP on the Facebook Event Page here 

The cost is $15 per class.

These dates are subject to change.
Please confirm on Well-Rounded Maternity Center's website calendar.

Postnatal & Beyond Yoga @ Well-Rounded Maternity Center 

Sunday, January 14th from 1:30 - 3:00PM

Sunday, February 11th from 9:00-10:30AM

Sunday, March 4th from 2:00-3:30PM

This gentle yoga class nourishes a mother's body, mind, and spirit after childbirth with restorative postures, calming breath work, guided relaxation, and balancing lifestyle tips inspired by yoga sister's science, Ayurveda.  

A mother can attend as soon as she feels well enough, ideally after 6-8 weeks (10-12 weeks with a cesarean birth). 
Newborns and young infants are welcome; however, solo participation is encouraged when possible.                  Postpartum mothers are welcome up to 12-18 months or longer. 

Register at the Facebook Event page here
The cost is $15 per class 

Dates are subject to change.
Please confirm on Well-Rounded Maternity Center's website calendar (click on their logo below).

Well Rounded

Blissful After Birth: Postnatal Care for Mama

TBA: Spring 2018

@ Well-Rounded Maternity Center

 $20 per person / $30 for couples or pairs

Midwives, Doulas, & Lactation Specialists Welcome. 

Lots of Tender Loving Care for mother is crucial for her recovery in the first days and weeks after baby arrives. In this class, learn how best to support her for the best outcome in physical health and emotional wellness, milk supply, bonding with baby, and lessen likelihood of postpartum depression and anxiety. 

Expectant moms and their partners/caregivers will learn about...

Restorative self-care practices (body care, gentle yoga, breath work, etc.)

Managing emotions, fatigue & stress

Helpful foods and teas

How to set a simple routine

How to create a support system

Ayurveda, the oldest surviving health science still practiced today, believes in “mothering the mother” for her full recovery and long term health. Learn how to prepare and embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood with an open heart. Create a personal intention for self-healing and bonding with your baby.

Register via email.

Well Rounded

Dancing For Birth Classes 

Who knew preparing for birth could be so much fun? You'll strengthen and tone your whole body, lift your spirits, and reduce stress with fun dance and yoga moves that anyone can do. Celebrate your curvaceous body with other moms-to-be and connect with your baby. Postpartum mamas are welcome, too! Wear your little babes to move with you. No dance experience necessary. 


Postnatal Diet & Nutrition

There’s plenty of information available about pregnancy diets but what about after birth? Women experience big changes after delivery including shifts in digestion and elimination that can be uncomfortable during an already tender recovery time. Learn simple yet effective ways to adjust your diet to lessen the likelihood of some common ailments. Newborns are welcome!

  • Specific foods to favor and how to prepare them
  • How to recover and restore digestion with diet
  • Support lactation with certain foods and teas
  • Easy tips to enjoy warm home cooked meals

More dates available soon ...

40 Days To Enlightened Eating

*** host this class at your studio or wellness center! ***

Reinvent yourself! Reinvigorate your metabolism, optimize your weight, awaken your energy and enliven your spirit in this 6-week course. With the support of the group, together we will take a 40 Day journey of optimal eating based on the healing sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. Classes will include quick and easy cooking tips and demonstrations, group discussion on ideal weight, health, energy, youthfulness and vitality; recipe ideas, daily emails and group support. For the grand finale, we will cook and eat together an "Enlightened" lunch!

(7) 90 minute classes including "Enlightened Lunch" Celebration Potluck

 Required book: 40 Days to Enlightened Eating by Elise Cantrell is $21.99

Taught by Heather Burkart, CAP, RYT

Food As Medicine: A 4-Week Seasonal Cooking Course

*** host this class at your studio or wellness center! ***


Join this hands-on, taste-full 4 week Ayurvedic wellness program focused around food and eating. Your kitchen and the things in it have the power to heal. In this series you will learn how to support your optimal health through greater understanding of the digestive system, the power of food, and simple kitchen healing tools. You will enjoy hands-on seasonal cooking around main meals, snacks, and desserts as well as an introduction to vegetarian cooking. This class will repeat each season with different foods and recipes. 

Each week you will enjoy time to check-in and share your experiences with food and tastes from the weekly home-play activities, hear a short talk around one of the wellness topics, then spend time cooking and eating yummy, seasonally-specific, easy-to-make foods. Included in the class is the Kanyakumari cookbook “Taste Life”, additional recipes, wellness topic handouts, and the meals. Each week, in addition to the meal focus and wellness topic, we’ll have a Treat or Tidbit integrated in to the meal. 

Taught by Heather Burkart, CAP, RYT

Past Workshops & Events

Choose from any of these topics and more to be presented at your studio, center, or school.

Contact me for group pricing and more information. 




AYURVEDA for All Seasons

MOON RISE: Ayurveda & Yoga for Women

 Pregnancy & Postpartum Diet & Self-Care

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Ayur Yoga Teacher Training

Prenatal  & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

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