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Do Yoga. Let Yoga do you.

Group Instruction

Kripalu Yoga / Mindful Yoga & Meditation

I was trained at the Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts. Why did I choose Kripalu Yoga? It's message of compassion and consciousness spoke to me. I've found it's particularly powerful for those on a path of self-discovery and transformation. More of an approach to yoga rather than a style, the focus is on breath and body awareness. A slower pace and longer holds allows practitioners to delve deeper into the postures and themselves.

Classes begin with centering using breath awareness and end with pranayama (breath work), an extended savasana (conscious relaxation), and a brief meditation. I like to teach a gentle, slow flow coordinating breath with movement. All levels of students are welcome including newcomers to yoga as well as experienced practitioners who would like to deepen their practice and integrate more of the subtle yogic arts including pranayama and meditation.

Yoga for MamasPregnancy/Prenatal Yoga 

Saturdays, 9:00-10:15 AM @ Well-Rounded Maternity Center (check their calendar)

My approach is a powerful combination of ayurveda and yoga with special focus on protecting the health and well-being of mom and baby. This "well-rounded" practice will aid in improving flexibility, circulation during pregnancy as well as offer relaxation techniques for mood/stress management. Special postures help strengthen important muscle groups, open hips and release lower back/pelvic floor in preparation for child birth. Breathing exercises, meditation and an extended relaxation help calm the mind, nerves and emotions. Guided visualization helps to strengthen a loving bond. Modifications are offered for all stages of pregnancy. Written consent from primary care giver will be required with registration.

Yoga For Individuals or Small Groups By Request

Yoga & Relaxation for Women's Health 

This personalized practice explores a variety of postures from gentle to moderately active to stretch, strengthen, and soothe the female body and mind. Postures and other exercises are designed to support reproductive health in any stage especially child bearing and menopausal. Whether you're planning a pregnancy, recovering from one or healing hormonal imbalance this practice aims to reestablish strong and nurturing female energy. Side effects may include a calmer mind and nervous system, improved immune response, and mental clarity. Managing stress levels by learning how to breathe through and flow with the ups and downs of every day life play an important part in restoring reproductive and over all health to the female system. Appropriate for all levels of experience. Come to relax, reconnect with inner strength and calm.

Moon Yoga 

A special yoga practice designed especially for women, Moon Yoga aims to bring balance to female/maternal energies. Through a gentle grounding asana practice, one learns to honor the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and a woman's fertility cycle. Focus is on relieving  tension in key areas of the body and quieting the mind with restorative poses, extended savasana, and meditation. Ideal for enhancing fertility, managing emotions and stress relief.

Ayurvedic Yoga

I usually incorporate Ayurvedic principles into most yoga classes I teach; however I offer seasonal workshops for those who want to learn more. This means the current season is observed and appropriate postures, breathing, and other methods are explored to pacify dominant energies/forces. I also offer this to individuals in private sessions to address their specific doshic constitution and manage any existing imbalances.

Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

Do you want personalized instruction based on your experience? Do you need help with building your own yoga practice or fine-tune your understanding of yoga (asana, breathing, meditation, etc.)? Are you ready to deepen your practice? Looking for a deeper spiritual practice and understanding of the meaning of yoga? Whatever your personal needs, contact me to schedule a private session to suit your schedule. Locations in Riverwest and Bay View. 

These topics can also be offered in a workshop format at your studio or wellness facility.

Allow me to design a workshop appropriate for your audience. Contact me for more info. 

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